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Who we feed

I grew up in the Midwest, moved to Montreal for a delicious decade in its foodie heyday (a permanent state of being), and then had no country of residence for a number of years and tasted my way through many countries. Which means I love lots of different foods, and dishes I consider sacred may be totally unfamiliar to many. “Many” here includes my husband, who didn’t leave the country until I showed up in his life at 30.

Here we are a decade later, with five kids, two resident sanity bringers, two full-time jobs and a hairy bear of a dog who may love our cooking more than anyone else! As much as I love calmly prepping a dinner party for a few days, those opportunities are on pause. The good news? We cook for nine every night! That’s pretty much a dinner party, right?

None of the people in this house are related to each other, and how our mothers ate when pregnant with us impacts what we crave. So imagine how impossible meals would be if we actually catered to the kids? We’d have to actually have meals catered. So our kids eat three meals a day and a snack. All are of our choosing. Our policy is we decide what to cook and how to serve it; they decide what and how much to eat. And people are shocked at how much they’ll eat, because these kids try it all.

I don’t can tomatoes in the summer so I can savor their sunshine flavor all winter. It sounds delicious, but we ain’t got time for that. We have a mildly neglected urban garden that we harvest when we can, and forage at the grocery store. BUT that isn’t a reflection on how we eat. So we find shortcuts that don’t dramatically impact flavor or nutrition, shortcuts that get a home-cooked meal on the table when we get home at 5:30 or so. We meal plan and do major groceries on the weekend. Amazon brings us a lot of stuff – don’t judge. And we eat great food cooked in large quantities almost every night. Maybe you’ll find a recipe or two here that will make your night easier. As we say every night, “A table!”