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The warmest, chocolatiest, most satisfying birthday cake

July 12, 2018

The warmest, chocolatiest, most satisfying birthday cake


We are proud to be an au pair host family, and are lucky to be Marie’s host family! She’s been an absolute miracle as we adjusted to life with five kids. So when her birthday rolled around, we wanted to make it extra special. And Marie is a chocoholic, so I knew just where to go. Years ago, I found an Ina Garten chocolate ganache cake that’s fast to make and uses a whole can of Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Seriously. I never remember anything else about it – Ina Garten and Hershey’s. But I always remember how satisfying it is. So on Monday day I was whipping this up as Dave made dinner. It took too long, as I doubled it and baked it in a Bundt, but when I poured the ganache on, it didn’t melt off so we went for it. Serving it up with a bit of whipped cream (plus a spoonful of sugar and some vanilla), it tasted just like Mohr in Hemd, one of my favorite Austrian desserts I can never recreate. So let’s just say we were all happy, and there’s no more cake. To cook it in a bundt pan like this, double the recipe and almost double the baking time.


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