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Salsa fresca Chicken

June 12, 2018

Salsa fresca Chicken


Monday nights are a bit wild around here. The bigs have piano lessons at 6. So we often do crock pot and feed everyone fast. This baked chicken is almost as fast, and fresher-tasting for summer. Tonight we had it with roasted green pointy cauliflower – which I’m sure has a real name, but we all know what I mean. Throw those in the oven while the chicken is cooking, with a splash of olive oil, salt and pepper, and everything will come out fine. Did you think I made this one up? Nope.  And truth? We bought the pico de gallo. Salsa fresca chicken, coming right up! Rereading this, the beans and rice idea sounds pretty fabulous. Next time, we’ll get fancy.


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