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Chicken cordon bleu, anyone?

May 18, 2018

Chicken cordon bleu, anyone?


So I mentioned we have an au Pair who takes care of our kids. She’s amazing, and just got here a few weeks ago. We always encourage them to tell us about food cravings, as it makes us try different foods and helps them feel less homesick! So when she mentioned chicken cordon bleu and green beans, I couldn’t resist. But…it still needed to happen on a weeknight, and we try to eat fairly healthy. SO I dug around on Pinterest and found a worthy candidate from recipetineats.com. Click on the recipe name to go to the link. We followed the directions to the letter, although we didn’t brown the second batch of panko – and it made no difference, so we’re skipping that part next time! This went suprisingly fast, and we steamed a vat of green beans at the same time. Dave asked if cooking veggies “the French way” just means salt, pepper, and butter. Pretty much yes. And dear god, is that all you need with beans! Yum.

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