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Family and food – like peanut butter and jelly

May 11, 2018

Family and food – like peanut butter and jelly


We have a family blog, one we’ve maintained for six years – since Tess entered the world 14 weeks early and we had soooo many people asking for updates. In today’s world, our “village” literally spans the globe from Korea to California. So we post all sorts of silliness there.

That said, the few recipes I shared there seemed out of place mixed in with kids blowing bubbles and stories about adoption. So this will be my sanctum for all things food. I’m always shooting recipes to someone or another, but never with the shortcuts and tricks that we use to cook for the horde and produce awesome food. Those will go here.

And please don’t misunderstand how this whole operation goes down. Everyone cooks here – and I don’t mean my little kids are magic chefs. What they do to the poor tomatoes makes me sad. Dave starts dinner most nights, with a kid or two demanding to assist. Marie makes a crock pot meal on Mondays so we can feed them before piano lessons, and “resto nights” (aka leftovers) are common.

Some of these recipes will make kids feel like they’re on cloud nine. Some they’ll side eye and wince when taking a bite. Some are dinner party worthy and others belong in a lunch box. But everything here will have fed four adults and four to five kids (or a few extra – we seem to lean towards an open door policy at meals. What’s one more?) And let your kids surprise you. When my anti-veggie Griff fell in love with broccoli and red cabbage, I didn’t say a word. But there was much rejoicing.

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